Injex was born in 2003 as na industrial company dedicated to the manufacture of technical components in plastic, intended for incorporation into machines.


It operates in several areas, namely the automotive industry and intervenes in the development process at an embryonic stage of projects, being able to bring all the technology and in-house know-how to obtain quality parts.


Cultivating harmony with customers, it has been possible to increase the occupation of the machine park, profitability and joy at work. Technical and human resources are expanding. The productive equipment purchased is of a high technological level.

Distributor | 4Valve


4Valve was born in 2003 as an Engineering and Technical Consulting company, dedicated to the automotive sector. Over the years, it has developed its activity in an area where rigor, precision and quality are key factors for success – product development, injection molds, collectibles.


The existing know-how of the automotive industry, plastic injection and molds has also allowed the development of other skills, developing a work of excellence not only in the world of car miniature collectors, but also in companies where precision and specialized technical knowledge are a plus. worth it.


The development of new projects for our customers is always based on obtaining quality with a controlled cost and production time.


Our passion brings our clients’ projects to life.

Project | Looksafety ©


At the first moment when we realized that COVID-19 was setting up with a great impact in Portugal and following a meeting between the founders of the 2 companies, the challenge of uniting the existing know-how in the 2 companies was launched, one of engineering and product development and the other of production, form a partnership to be able to contribute in some way to minimizing the harmful and even unpredictable effects of COVID-19 on hospitals, firefighters, laboratories, human resources in homes, etc.


That’s how Looksafety Eyewear was born. There was not enough national offer to respond to the most urgent and continuing needs and even at European level the offer is very scarce, leaving only the equipment that came from Asian countries but which in logistical terms did not allow a quick response.


Looksafety Glasses are totally Portuguese and the project was built from scratch, listening to those who most needed them, and therefore, from the format, to the design, raw material used, allowing reuse, comfort etc. everything was perfected taking into account the feedback who every day depends on these personal protective equipment.


It makes us proud that today they can purchase a quality product, Portuguese, designed thinking of all those who need to protect an area as sensitive and valuable as our vision, which can not only be used today as protection for the COVID-19, but also in many other activities and tasks that require additional protection on a daily basis.